Slime Tube and Tire Sealants

Prevent and Repair Flat Tires for Two Years!

What is Slime Sealant?

Slime sealant is a bright green, thick liquid that plugs up punctures in your tubes and tires. As your tire rotates, Slime sealant coats the inside and instantly plugs up any holes for up to two years!

This means that all your ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, trailers, bicycles, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows, tractors and more can enjoy no more flats! Put it in before you head out for some fun to prevent flats before they occur.

Best of all, Slime is eco-friendly, which means it is safe for you, your tire and the environment.

Slime Tire Sealants Comparison Chart

Benefits of Prevent & Repair Sealant

Lasts 2 Years!

Slime tube and tire sealants prevent and repair flats for two years

Stops Slow Leaks

No more having to top off every time you head out. Slime stops slow leaks

Safe and Easy to Use

Slime is easy to install and includes the tools you need. Just add air


Slime's eco-friendly formula is safe for you, your tires and the environment

Slime Prevent & Repair Sealant Collection

Slime 2-in-1 Tire & Tube Sealant 16 oz

2-in-1 Tire & Tube Sealant 16 oz

Slime 2-in-1 Tire & Tube Sealant 32 oz

2-in-1 Tire & Tube Sealant 32 oz

Slime 2-in-1 Tire & Tube Sealant 1 Gallon

2-in-1 Tire & Tube Sealant 

1 Gallon

Slime Tube Sealant 8 oz

Tube Sealant 8 oz


Slime Tube Sealant 16 oz

Tube Sealant 16 oz 

(Dirt Bike)

Slime Tube Sealant 1 Gallon

Tube Sealant 1 Gallon 

(All Tubes)

Slime Tire Sealant 24 oz

Tire Sealant 24 oz (Mower/ATV)

Slime Tire Sealant 32 oz

Tire Sealant 32 oz

(All Tubeless Tires)

Slime Tire Sealant 1 Gallon

Tire Sealant 1 Gallon 

(All Tubeless Tires)


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