What is the shelf life of Slime’s tire sealants?

Slime will last for four years from date of manufacturing when stored in its original packaging and placed in a cool, dry place. To determine the age of sealant in a squeeze bottle (not an aerosol can), locate the production date code above the label.

Here is an example: 8LX4500A18
8: Last digit of the year (i.e. 2018)
L: Month produced. A = January, B = February, L = December
X: Production Facility
4500: Sequential batch number of sealant
A: The sequence of batches ran that day. A = First batch, B = Second batch
18: Day of the month produced

Product produced prior to 2018 will have the date code stamped on the label in a different format. Here is an example: 09910151
099: Julian date (April 9th)
10: Year (2010)
151: Batch #

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