Which Slime Sealant Do I Need?

Slime Sealant Family

How many tires can you count on the various vehicles and outdoor toys at your house? I’ll give you a minute to add them up.

Some people only have 10 or so between the cars and bicycles in the garage. But many others have dozens of tires when they add in their trailers, ATVs, RVs, wheelbarrows, strollers, dirt bikes, motorcycles, tractors and more. And, unfortunately, all of these tires go flat.

To solve the struggle of the flat tire, Slime developed a product line of advanced tire sealants that instantly seal punctures and keep your wheels moving. But when it comes time to install Slime, how do you know which sealant to use? Below, we break it down into easy categories to ensure you purchase the correct bottle each time:


Slime Tube Sealant Collection

Red Label: Tube Sealant to Prevent and Repair
The red label line of Slime products is designed specifically to stop flats in tires with tubes. Tubes are the key word here. Your bicycles, dirt bikes, hand dollies, wheelbarrows and jogging strollers with tubes are perfect candidates for the red label product.

The best part of the tube formula? It prevents flats from thorns, glass, goatheads, nails and other debris for TWO years! So don’t wait until you get a flat – squeeze in Slime before you head out to prevent flats before they happen. Slime sealant for tubes instantly seals punctures up to 1/8” and also stops annoying slow leaks. Bottom line, if you have a tire with a tube, reach for the red label bottle.


Slime Tubeless Sealant

Blue Label: Tire Sealant to Prevent and Repair

Here at Slime, we think of our blue label sealant as the “fun” sealant because it keeps the fun going in all your recreational vehicles. Your ATVs, quads, boat trailers, dirt bikes and other non-highway tires without tubes are going to love this Slime tire sealant that prevents and repair flats.

The blue label sealant got an upgrade and instantly seals punctures up to 1/4!” Like the tube sealant, it also continuously seals for two years and stops slow leaks. Additionally, the blue label sealant is safe for finished metal wheels. So don’t wait until your ATV flats on the sand dunes, or your boat trailer flats before you make it to the dock – put Slime in your “fun” tires BEFORE you go out to play!

The blue label prevent and repair tire sealant is also a must-have for the agricultural industry and lawn and garden enthusiasts. Tractors, trailers, riding lawnmowers and wheelbarrows all benefit from no flats for two years with Slime.


Slime 2-in-1 Tire & Tube Sealant

Black Label: 2-in-1 Tire & Tube Premium Sealant
Does your tire have a tube inside, or is it tubeless? Who cares?! Slime’s new 2-in-1 Tire & Tube Premium Sealant works in all off-highway tires and tubes! Now, get all the benefits of Slime with less confusion on which sealant to use. It just works!

Slime's black label sealant instantly seals up to 1/4" punctures in tires and 1/8” punctures in tubes. Install in any of your tube or tubeless non-highway vehicles (including ATVs/UTVs, golf carts, riding lawn mowers, small trailers, tractors, scooters, bicycles, dirt bikes and much more) and enjoy two years of continuous flat tire protection.


Slime Emergency Tire Sealant

Yellow Label: Tire Sealant for Emergencies
When you find yourself in an emergency flat tire situation (like stuck on the side of a super busy highway. Or in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone service), it is time to think yellow label. Slime’s tire sealant for emergencies is designed for all highway vehicles (cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and more) to get you back on the road quickly and safely after a flat tire.

Tire sealant for emergencies also instantly seals punctures up to 1/4.” It is tire sensor safe, no jack is required to repair your flat and it is safe for finished metal wheels. This may sound a lot like the blue label sealant, right? The answer is no and here is why:

Highway vehicles need balanced wheels, but if there is a thick liquid in your tires long-term, you could cause an imbalance. Unlike the blue label sealant, which you should pre-install and leave in your tires for two years, the yellow label bottle is formulated for emergency use only in highway vehicles. Once the yellow label emergency sealant in installed, it must be removed within 100 miles or 3 days, or you risk causing that imbalance.

Prefer to view all this info in a more visual format? Check out this quick sealant comparison sheet instead:

Slime Sealant Comparison Chart