It is unusual to find the words "love" and "flat tire" in the same sentence, but here at Slime, we aren't shy about professing our love for our flat tire repair products! Our unabashed adoration comes from years of helping others quickly and safely get out of flat tire emergencies. This February, keep your loved ones safe when on the road with some of our beloved emergency tire repair products below. Love (for repairing flat tires) is in the air at Slime!

Award Winning
Slime Deluxe Emergency Roadside Kit #50155 In Package
Popular Choice
Slime Flat Tire Repair Kit - Analog #50122 Out of Package
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Slime Glow Safety Signal assembled and out of package
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Slime Smart Spair Plus Flat Tire Repair Kit #50138 Out of Package
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Slime Emergency Roadside Kit
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Slime Flat Tire Repair Kit - Truck/SUV/Van #50139 Out of Package
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2-in-1 Tire & Tube Premium Sealant - 1 Gallon #10195 In Package
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Slime Elite Heavy-Duty Tire Inflator #40063 Out of Package